I am Aliana.

I am eighteen, on the brink of adulthood, forging my own path in my second year of four full of opportunity, excitement, and learning. I am a graduate of the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, and a Bruin at the powerhouse that is UCLA.

I am gluten-free, vegan, a weight-lifter, a runner, and a yogi. I am an artist, a poet, singer, and novelist of my story. I am my own muse, as I seek to fashion myself out of components that I both already know of and are foreign to me. I know that to write is to distill myself, and that I flourish on both sides of the lens, as a model and photographer.

I am hoping to piece myself together from the fragments of thought, alphanumerics, and immortalized moments, pixels, that I impart here.

I am naïve, I am a dreamer, and I am choosing to live with an open heart.

And so: I am. Welcome to me. But now, I ask, who are YOU? There is only one way to truly know: begin your search. I hope that by taking you along on my journey, we can learn together.

Where to find me:
IG: alianagungor
Twitter: alianagungor
VSCO: alianagungor
Facebook: Aliana Gungor

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