The Observatory

I’m an early riser. I love to get up and savor the day before anything has even happened yet- the freshness of a new start, a day scrubbed clean from the events of yesterday, rife with opportunity to be filled with good memories. The morning is my time. And this is one of my favorite mornings in Los Angeles to date.

Lucky for me, going to school at UCLA has let me meet some fabulous people. Natalie (@nataliesypkens) is an amazing photographer- and model, may I mention- and Nicole (@nicolepovey) is a gifted makeup artist-to-be. The three of us got up early, hopped in a Lyft, and drove to Griffith Observatory, camera, makeup, and outfits in hand.

That morning epitomized my mental image of a clean slate; for once, Los Angeles wasn’t bright and sunny. The sky was foggy white, obscuring some parts of the observatory when we first arrived there and whitewashing the world. It made for the perfect canvas for the three of us to work some magic on and brought an extra dimension of light to each photo.

While we only brought two looks (we had to make it back to campus on time for class- we’re students, after all), they were able to capture everything I was seeking. A contrast between fashion and landscapes, style and simplicity, color and lack thereof. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.




Photography: Natalie Sypkens (@nataliesypkens)

Makeup: Nicole Povey (@nicolepovey)


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