Welcome to the ‘bu

So, I’m pretty sure that nobody calls Malibu “the ‘bu,” but being from Virginia and all I figure that I’m still enough of a tourist to be able to cheesily call it that. Regardless of what you personally choose to call it, I went there for the first time this past weekend- and, I’m happy to report, I completely understand the hype.

It was quieter, full of surfers and clumps of people doing their own thing, and had a lovely sense of charm. I had been at the Santa Monica beach only an hour before venturing up to Topanga beach, and the two are night and day; I essentially took a one way ticket from tourist town to the homie hangout. Yes, I know my alliteration wasn’t the best, but I had to give it a shot.

Why was I there, do you ask? A friend of mine was looking for some long exposure shots for her photography project, which you’ll find at the end of the post. While we waited for the sun to set, we messed around and took some photos for fun. These are amazing and some of my favorites that I have. It was also my first time shooting at the beach, so I think that adds some sentimental value, don’t you think?

Regardless, check out some of the photos! Big shoutout to Natalie Welch for kicking butt with a camera in hand, as per usual.





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