You Make Me Blush

Little did I know that sending one innocent little photo on Instagram would lead to this fun and awesome opportunity! ariannachen and I teamed up with Blushella Boutique to take photos of some of their products–boy, and were they cute!?–which you can now find on their Instagram page and website.

Arianna and I hit up Georgetown, in Washington, D.C., with a backpack full of goodies and a camera (shoutout to Julie for trekking around with us!). It was insanely hot that day, a solid 90 degrees Fahrenheit at least, and the sweat was so real. No holds barred, sorry, guys! But the clothes themselves were a relief. The first thing I put on was the Sweet Stuff Dress, and that was THE MOVE. It was cute (obviously) but so light and airy that the sun didn’t seem quite so bad.


We managed to find some pretty cool spots to take photos, including a moving truck that I’m still not sure whose it was…but it made for a nice shot! There was also a hidden spot in the street full of bags…


…which gave off SUCH a rustic and charmed feel that blends perfectly with the dress.

Marching onward in the heat of the day, we found some respite in the shade of the trees by Georgetown’s canal. And of course, the vents by the doorway were set on high, but don’t fret, I enjoyed my Marilyn moment 😉


Cue outfit change number one! We made it up to M street and starting taking photos wherever caught our fancy, and I love the sass of this shirt. By the way, the bralette I’m wearing with the dress and shirt? DEFINITELY a favorite.


Okay, this next shirt was a winner. It goes with everything, has a cute slit in the back, and goes with everything. Seriously, please try and tell me something you can’t wear it with?


Aaaaaand drumroll please, this pistachio dress can flex to fit any setting. Wear it casually, dress it up, it’s your call– all I know is that it’s super comfortable and looks great.


To sum it all up, I had an amazing time shooting for Blushella. They are run by some awesome people, and you should definitely check them out. All the photos here were taken by (my favorite) Arianna Chen!!

Everything I’m wearing:

Sweet Stuff Dress:

Queen Graphic Tank:

Let’s Get Lacey Bralette (in Soft Lavender):

Tulip Dress (in Pistachio):

I’m sorry to say that my grey shirt is no longer available!

You can see more of Blushella Boutique at their website,, and Instagram @shopblushella!



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