It appears as if we as a society have deemed that goodbyes no longer exist.

With every parting of ways these past few weeks, the term goodbye has become exceedingly scarce. At least this is what I’ve noted; instead of using the age-old term “goodbye,” we have consciously thrown it out for the much lighter version of  “see you soon.”

Each of us has somehow been connected to this phenomenon, whether saying “goodbye” to a brother, sister, friend, best friend, boyfriend, parent, aunt, uncle, niece, or one of the many other variations that exist. It may just be in my experience that the popularity of “see you soon” has risen in popularity of the collegiate move-in polls (you can expect to begin seeing this on the nightly news), but I too have fallen victim to its allure. It allows for the softening of what is, and should feel like, a particularly sticky Band-Aid being ripped off: all the familiarity of life, our glue, is gone as we are exposed to a startlingly new environment.

And so, in my hardest goodbyes, I have been the one to stop mid-emotional turmoil and state: “This isn’t a goodbye. It’s a ‘see you soon’.”

The issue with this is that some goodbyes may be see-you-soon’s and vice versa. If we thought that the conclusion of high school would unveil who our true friends are, who we are still texting by the first week of July, then this is the ultimate test. Who will we be reconnecting with over breaks? Will the Snapchat streaks survive the brutality of distance, busy schedules, and full class loads? In the most cliché way possible, only time can tell.

I’m going to miss those that I’ve been close to, especially during this last summer. Some of these friends I know I’ll keep for a long time, and that we’ll support each other as we start our new lives.

Hopefully, I will see you all soon.


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