Into the Ivy

Today’s high was 63.

“It was hot today!” they exclaimed.

“This is the warmest it’s been in a while,” they chattered.

Oh, has my life changed.

I used to be able to deal with the cold (well, not entirely—I always complained about how much I hated the chill), but LA has lowered my tolerance to the point that sub-70 has become “chilly” to me. Nonetheless, I ever-so-bravely battled the New England weather to visit Yale and two of the best people I know, Daphne and Julie.

Daphne and I have been friends since Kindergarten; we used to do the stupidest things during our playdates, all of which ended in the two of us hiding from our parents in an awful attempt to try and extend our rambunctious games. 13 years later and we’ve taken our “brilliant” ideas to high school, a weekend in Athens, and now college.

I was seriously lucky to become friends with Julie. We clicked the summer before college, and I am grateful we did—if we hadn’t, I’m afraid we would’ve missed our chance and wouldn’t be as close as we are today. Here’s my chance to brag (sorry, Julie), but she’s a kick-ass golfer and plays for the Yale team. She’s a million times more modest than she should be, but that’s what I’m here for. I’m pretty good at playing the role of “embarrassing friend.”

Anyways, they hosted me for a weekend on this “warm” weekend—which, I’ll admit, really wasn’t so bad—and showed me the ins and outs of Yale. What would I be doing though, really, if I didn’t bring along my camera?

2015-12-12 14.39.47-12015-12-12 14.41.232015-12-12 14.38.08

UCLA is absolutely gorgeous in its own right—the Spanish architecture and palm trees are a bit different, however, from the castle-like serenity of Yale’s campus. Each residential college is its own little thriving community, and Commons—well, Common is a beast all its own. I had the chance to attend the freshman holiday dinner, and Commons was completely decked out like Hogwarts at Christmas. The dinner wouldn’t be complete, however, without a procession of an insane amount of food, sweets, and breads that the students then ambushed, turkey legs flying through the air (literally) and cakes being grabbed by whoever could get their hands on it first. It was a sight to see, let me tell you, and I was slightly dumbfounded by the grandeur of it all. Just Yale things, I guess?

2015-12-12 14.45.112015-12-12 14.48.352015-12-12 14.57.052015-12-12 14.57.26-22015-12-12 14.59.032015-12-12 15.07.262015-12-12 15.14.072015-12-12 15.13.322015-12-12 15.15.40

But, this was the best weekend. The change of scenery, its beauty, the warmer (I still digress) weather, and best of all, being with two beauties I haven’t seen since we parted ways to be college students. I’m so excited to turn the tables and show them my beautiful campus and everything UCLA has to offer. Maybe one day soon…

Happy holidays!

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