A Moment, Preserved

The wind dances in tendrils across my skin, leaving ribbons of goosebumps in its wake
A low hum of voices echoes out into the Caldera
Blending with the fading chorus of horns and cheers that celebrated the dip of the day behind a dark silhouette
Souls have gathered to share the same experience, to immerse themselves in the physical and spiritual beauty of the earth’s magnificence
As the sun’s rays have faded, a faint haze
An ethereal marriage of marigold, rose, and lilac seeps across the sky to bid the world a gentle goodnight
Before the same Phoenix rises from its ashes, an orb that illuminates our world and the light within us all.

Never forget: wherever you go, there you are. Life’s moments are too precious to lose in a smear of the past and future that excludes the present moment.

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