Real or Not Real?

It’s been an insane past few weeks, between spending time with friends, prom (and prama–to those not familiar, “prom drama”), cursing at final exams, and everyone essentially competing to see who can hit the most grad parties–

It’s screeching to a halt.

After graduation, high school is no more. Waking up early? No more. Spending lunch with your friend group? No more. Scrambling to finish the homework? No more. Wincing (or grinning) at grade reports? No more. Sports practices, games, spirit days…they are all no more.

We’re moving on to bigger and better things, and as a friend of mine likes to say, upward and onward. While I’m sure that we will all switch our majors at least once, irritating our parents, and make some dumb choices, irritating our peers, we all have some semblance of what’s coming next. The excitement of our future plans and the incredible things that we will accomplish are tremendous.

But, is it really over? Is it true that we now no longer have to show up to the same place for five days out of seven in a week? It’s something that hasn’t completely hit me, and I don’t think it’s really sunk in for any of us yet. I don’t think it will when we put on our caps and gowns, or when we are sitting in our neat little rows, either. It might, for some of us, the moment that we are pronounced “graduated” and hundreds of caps suddenly become airborne. For others, it might be at all-night grad party, or afterwards…or until we actually show up to college on move-in day, and say to ourselves, “This is happening. This is real.”

Well, I guess there is some reality in photographs, so here are some from those grad parties I mentioned earlier (and RIP to all of the wallets out there that drowned in the gas tank). I tried to keep it conservative (a few hundred shots might be a liiiiittle overwhelming)…Enjoy!


So, you tell me: real or not real? I still can’t decide.



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