I AM | Welcome

Welcome to I AM. I can’t call this strictly a modeling blog, fashion blog, a food or diet blog, a fitness blog, an anything blog, really, because I do not fit into any one of those neat little categories. I am a Pandora’s box of passions and seeking my place in life, trying everything, and living with an open heart. This makes me pretty messy; but, a beautiful mess, because I am simply being me.

There are many sides to me, and I hope that with this blog I can explore each and every one.

I have a love for photography and modeling that I am just beginning to discover. Something about being opposite the photographer’s lens is empowering, freeing, and slightly terrifying, all in perfect proportion. Immortalizing a moment and setting it loose into the world is one of the most incredible things that technology has given us, and I don’t intend to squander that power.

Writing has always been an extension of myself from my youngest years; reading volumes and writing my own silly stories has been something I truly enjoy. Never once did I have to pretend to be someone I wasn’t as I interacted with my friends, characters in stories that I both read and penned.

Now, I get this question a lot: do you just eat leaves? When I say a lot, I mean that I truly wish I had a dime for every time I’ve been asked. What prompts this specific question is the same exchange:

Me: No, thanks, I won’t have any. Actually, I’m vegan.

Polite Individual (PI): Oh, that’s cool, for how long?

Me: About a year and a half now, since last summer.

PI: Wait, but why? I could never do it, I love bacon too much.

Me: Haha, I used to say the same thing, but then I got into it. I’m gluten-free, too.

PI: Do you just eat leaves?????

Sit down and get buckled up, folks, because I have a major plot twist coming your way. Ready? The massive secret: I eat more than leaves. Who’d have known?!

I love food very much. I cook dinner every night when I’m home, spontaneously make snacks for my family, and not all of the food I make is vegan. For example, my grandma’s most recent snack: toast, made directly on the stove, with thinly shredded cheese, pear, seasoned with basil, and topped with honey and sunflower seeds. I freaking. love. food. Even if I’m not necessarily the one eating it.

Fitness is another important component of my life, whether it be weight-lifting in the gym, going for morning or night runs, or doing some yoga. It’s fun to keep it interesting; yet, I contend that eating breakfast in bed and proceeding to spend the rest of the day right there on Netflix is equally as invigorating.

So, now that you’ve gotten a snapshot of me, you may be wondering, what exactly can you expect from this? And believe me, I really, really, wish that I had a straightforward answer to give you.

Photoshoots, blog posts, videos, food, clothes, workouts, adventures, and so, so much more. One thing I can say, though, is that I’ll be spending a month in the Mediterranean this summer…

There is also a chance for every single one of you reading this to tell your own story, which you can find as a tab at the top of my page. This isn’t, shouldn’t be, and won’t just be me spewing images and words in your direction. It’s a dialogue. After all, we are all only trying to find out how we fit in the world, no? So, let’s do this together. Who are you? Be inspired: pay that tab a visit.

Thank you all for giving me the chance to share my journey with you as I discover myself. I don’t know exactly who, or what, I am yet, but there is one thing that will never change. I am Aliana Gungor. And I AM.

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