By definition, I suppose you can label these as “senior photos.” The entire process is there, start to finish: reach out to a popular photographer for senior portraits among my friends, having been floored by shots from their shoots, wanting my own, and then initiating a date to hold my own session. I mean, I even clicked on “Senior Photos” in the drop-down menu when I filled out my contact information online.

The thing with that is, though…I didn’t want it to be another round of “seniors” that would be posted on Facebook, a photography blog, Instagram, and then squirreled away in some folder on my laptop. I didn’t want to fling on my cutest dress and flash my brightest smile with each one of the camera.

To me, photos really do speak much louder than words. There might even be some cliché that one picture is somewhere close to a thousand of them? But seriously, to me, this is an art form. Each pixel screams to each whisper of a word– there isn’t any of the “show, not tell” that’s been preached to us for years, as you ARE being shown. You are surpassing the mediocrity of visualization by seeing exactly what the artist is trying to convey.

And so, to fast forward a little bit on my rambling, I wanted my senior photos to truly represent my high school experience, and my senior year. It wasn’t warm and fluffy and full of sunbeams radiating out of my face the entire time, so I didn’t want that to be the creative depth of my shoot. I wanted something a little darker, some angry shots, some sad, wistful, and shooting at night? That was the cherry on the cake.

Angelika Johns is a villanous mastermind (should you give her a camera) in the very best way. She is the sweetest person, but her photography kills. She listened to my story, was excited to explore some cool shots, and play around with all of the crazy ideas we spontaneously decided on.

Let me take you with me!

We had initially decided on a field setting, something golden and that would hit home with earthy vibes. So I slapped on my overalls, we jumped in the car, started driving, and stopped almost immediately. This became the trend for the night, as we randomly stopped here, there, and everywhere in between if something looked cool as we drove by.


…and these random shots ended up being some of my very favorites. The car ones I ADORE. And they wouldn’t have happened if Angelika hadn’t pulled over on a gut feeling…

We did make it to where we had originally planned, though! The field had tall grass, random ladybugs, and tons of cute photo ops. And thorns that you don’t notice until they are poking your leg. But we persevered!


Aaaaaaaaand, cue outfit change number one! The overalls up there are from Hollister Co. , the crop top Brandy Melville, choker from Topshop, and flower crown American Eagle Outfitters.

As for the stuff below, the crown is Nordstrom and the dress is from South Moon Under!


Now we have our last outfit change, and a few final shots from the field, before we ventured off to take night shots in some funky places. Ahhhh, these next photos are so cool– ANGELIKA JOHNS ROCKS.


USING THESE SHOPPING CARTS WAS THE BEST IDEA EVER. Thank God Angelika’s camera flash needed battery, so we could stop and be seduced by the beauty that is a Giant shopping cart.


And then we found the abandoned auto repair shop, or welding, or whatever it was…I frankly have no clue. But I swear my commentary ends here…enjoy!! These are my favorites from the entire day, I think. Dare I make that kind of a commitment, though? Maybe I should stop talking like I said before…


And there you have it, folks. That concludes this chapter of what is (hopefully!) the chronicle that is AG x AJ. I hope you guys could see some of the less bubbly shots that I envisioned when I initially set out to do this. No holds barred, this is me: take me or leave me, the choice is yours.

All credit, where it is hugely due, goes to the beautiful Angelika. Go to her site:— I promise you won’t regret it.



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